Site Categories
       The categories within the site include commissioned large public sculptures, small intimate works in marble, granite and onyx, great stones set in the landscape, and works that combine stone and water in dynamic and static positions. title=
           The large sculptures are site specific and were commissioned by local, state, and international arts agencies. I received these commissions through open national and international competitions. Each design was created specifically for that location and institution and is a unique, one-of-a kind sculpture. The presentation of these works will give you a sense of what is possible. The works range from 8’ to 80’ and are all works of granite.
          The small stones are finished works but also represent an opportunity to work quickly and to experiment. These are like sketches in stone that allow me to see new shapes and textures; sometimes these work themselves into designs for the large stones.
          Opportunities for landscape pieces are less frequent but represent a completely different way of using and working stone. It is more of a gentle placement within nature than a settling into a man-made environment.
          Lastly, combining stone and water is a great way to have so totally different entities together. What could be more different that stone and water, but which is actually the stronger material?
          This is not a business website in any true sense. It is more of a presentation for your review which might lead to further contact or new works. I am always open to new opportunities and look forward to your comments. If you have an interest in any piece, large or small, or have an idea for something you would like to commission, please let me know and we can begin the journey to the creation of a new, unique object in stone.




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