The Circle

          Central to the work that I do in stone is the circle as a geometric shape. It is almost always a part of the final image; either as a whole circle or as some part of it. It is rare not to see or feel part of it no matter how small or large my sculpture. The circle is a wonderful shape. It is a perfect geometry and has no beginning or end. It is a symbol of the sun, heaven and, perfection and, especially, the cycle of life. It is a peaceful, restful form. It transcends time and becomes eternal. What’s not to love about the circle?
          The circles I work with are sometimes solid and sometimes voids. Often the void space is more important and potent that the surrounding solid. Defining a negative space is not always appreciated as sculptural but like architectural space can hold the most important meaning of the work.
           The void also allows you to move through the sculpture. You are not blocked physically or figuratively if there is a ‘hole’ through it. You can physically ‘enter’ the work. This geometry helps you move through the sculpture. We are all accustomed to moving through geometrical shapes like houses and larger buildings. Big sculptures with these voids seem architectural and make you feel that you part of them and not just a spectator.




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